Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Month's Activity: Craft Night

The activity committee did a fabulous job planning this month's craft night! We made candy corn banners, BOO signs and scrap wood pumpkins. Bummed you didn't make it? Scroll down to get links and instructions to make your own!

Thanks to Britney McCloud for taking photos!

Candy Corn Banner

Beadboard cut into equal size triangles
yellow and orange paint
paint brush

After 2 coats of paint has dried you can start to sting the twine through the banner.

For measuring how much twine you'll use, Lay the candy corn triangles out with about an inch in between. Make sure you leave about 6" on each end also.

Tape one end of the twine to make it easy to go through each hole.
(I also tied one knot per triangle to make sure it says put. It might not be necessity though :)

Wood Scrap Pumpkins

4x4 cut down 4", 5", and 6", found in the scrap bin at Lowes
paint brush
glue gun

Paint wood stem and hot glue on top of pumpkin.

Tie bows and hot glue them to the base of the stem


2x4s cut to 4.5", 5.5", and 6.5"
white paint
foam brush
scrapbook paper
glue gun

Paint one light coat of any white paint. Dry.

Rather then cut, rip your cute paper to fit your 2x4 to make it look a little scrappy.

Modge podge the paper and letters onto the wood. Dry
(*we made our own modge podge using equal amounts Elmer's glue and water. You can store it in Tupperware and keep it for years! Just shake when your ready to use again)

Using jute twine, tie little bows and hot glue them onto the top.

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