Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Month's Activity: FHE Binders

President Kimball said in regards to VT: "Your duties in many ways must be much like those of the [home] teachers, which briefly are 'to watch over the church always' -- not twenty minutes a month but always -- 'and be with and strengthen them' -- not a knock at the door, but to be with them, and lift them, and strengthen them, and empower them, and fortify them -- 'and see that there is no iniquity,...neither hardness,...backbiting, nor evil speaking.'"
This quote is a reminder that VTing is a way to improve/build our relationships with people through real Christ-like service.  We are not limited to those we are assigned to by the R.S. Presidency.  Rather, to ANYONE the Lord see's fit; regardless of their religion, age, or family status.  If we are in tune to the spirit the Lord will direct us to those who need us.
The sisters met in the R.S. room to make FHE Binders.  There were close to 40 sisters in attendance.  Not everyone made a binder and those who didn't enjoyed chatting and helping others make their binders.  We also had delicious cookies, cheesecake and veggies to snack on while we worked/visited.  

Here's the PDF file to download and make your own!

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