Monday, February 23, 2015

Sisters Around the World

RS February Activity: Sisters Around the World Potluck

To go along with our theme, we had an activity so that we could get to know each other better!  At the activity, sisters were encouraged to bring food that represents where they grew up.  The activity started with some getting to know you questions at different tables about hobbies, your five minutes of fame, favorite movies, etc.  We also enjoyed eating a wide variety of foods from salads to pot stickers to cream pies!  To end the activity, we highlighted five sisters from the ward who have lived abroad: Yolanda Sebresos who lived in Kenya for 10 months, Heidi Hurtado who grew up in Venezuela, Samantha Taylor who grew up in the Philippines, Lexi Van Vuren who grew up in South Africa, and Ashley Taylor who served a mission in Japan.  We asked each of the sisters three questions about the gospel abroad.  The overarching theme was the dedication of the members of the church throughout the world. Brothers and Sisters in all areas made great sacrifices to make it to church every Sunday and to complete their visiting teaching but did it because of their love of the Savior and His gospel!

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